Clarissa Dickson Wright

One Fat Lady meets another…interview with Clarissa Dickson Wright.

Le Cliché du Jour

  The bread in our area is generally wonderful – so many boulangeries are using wood fired ovens now. My favourite cooked this way has to be “Le Sesarin” A sourdough baguette sporting two sets of “rabbit ears” at each end – designed for one thing only: Snapping off to eat on the way back…

Le Cliché du Jour

  The disused moulin at Massais on the Argenton River…… Proving, that no matter how sad the weather, there is always something beautiful to see…..

When Did You Decide To Move To France?

  I would imagine that all of us have been asked, at one time or another about our reasons for moving to France. The question is generally fired in our direction by French neighbours and friends who perhaps regard us with a bit of cautious curiosity. However, can anyone remember WHEN you decided to move…

Allez Allez Vélo!

I arose this morning to find there were no chairs on the ground floor of the house. Only the couch in the lounge remained. Confident that I had heard no-one enter the house illegally through the night, I opened the back door and looked into the garden. It was the same outside.No seating remained. A…

(French) Kissing

The French etiquette on kissing deserves at least a weighty book on the subject, but here are just a few thoughts on the subject.

All In A Stew.

Hearty stew is a must during the cold days of January, How do you make yours?