That Friday Feeling

So, another weekend looms, and with it come all our plans to spend some down time after the frenetic week at work.

Plans are laid, executed, and with a bit of luck, everyone will have a good feeling by the time Monday comes around again.

This time of year, we are all very focussed on the days that are getting shorter, and the weather that cools as each day passes.

Being a creature of a four season climate, I love the changing seasons, and extolled their virtues in my last post.

I would however, be an utter fraud if I didn’t fess up and say I enjoyed extending the summer by whatever means possible. My current ruse is that I am in AndalucĂ­a where the weather is still in the high twenties.

While the sun is warm, here too the nights are creeping ever closer to make the balmy days just that little bit shorter.

So, making hay while the sun (still) shines is very much the order of the day…


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  1. Dee Cummings says:

    Beautiful sunny days here in north Deux Sevres, but chilly mornings and evenings. Trying to leave doors open as long as possible, mainly for the doggies’ sakes, but increasingly earlier evening closing. Aperos at seven thirty are now taken in the kitchen, not on the patio, shame! Enjoy the twenties whilst you can Helen, it’ll soon be time to say goodbye to a warm sunset!

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