A Slight Chance Of Rain?

I’ve been told it’s unseemly to gloat, and I agree.

Since arriving here in southern Andalucia a week ago, we’ve seen half a dozen raindrops or so.

Check the WIKI on Almeria Province, and it will tell you that the area boasts 320 days of sunshine a year.

I’ve spent three months here , on and off since late 2015, and I can confirm that’s true.

Sun, sun…and a little more sun.

The forecast is set fair and we anticipate good weather right up until we leave at the end of October.

Lucky old us.

While I love it here, my home and heart lies in South West France.

Home is where your people are, your stuff and your life.

I know that our love of this area of Spain is because of its novelty value, and if we lived here full-time, it would seem like any other place I’ve set myself down in the past.

The weather is the kindest in Europe, and makes short work of the winter, when many days have some decent sun to warm your bones.

So, I think of this now as a must do for my arthritic body plus little sunning of the soul is also a curative tonic too.

At least I like to think so.


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