Sol y Tomates

I spend a lot of time in Spain now.

I’ve been here for over three months in this last year, most of them in winter.

I like it here – it’s warm, and my bones ache far less.

So, why do I feel like a fraud?

Here’s how.

If you checked out my Facebook page, or LinkedIn profile, you would see that I am based in France, and that’s what I write about.

Not so easy when you are in Deepest Andalucia……….

It’s got me to thinking if I should consider writing about Spain, but ironically, I don’t feel I live here as such.

More your sort of transient visitor…….flitting in from time to time.

Albeit small, the resort of San Juan de los Torreros, it is a sea of modern apartments and homes, liberally salted with beach front bars, restaurants and cafés.

It’s about as far from “home” as you might want to be.

I’ve met quite a few expats from the UK, Belgium and Holland who have settled here, and they all seem to love it.

I’m not so sure I would.

I blame my doctor.

He’s Basque (NOT Spanish as he is wont to point out) and he brings his daughters here for tennis coaching when they are on holiday.

The resort is in the midst of the Almeria province, and enjoys the warmest climate in Spain, boasting 330 days of sun a year.

There’s a catch though.

They grow tomatoes here.


For the rest of Spain…… and the rest of Europe.

There are miles and miles of greenhouses, and they can be picked up by satellite, due to the glare they collectively emit.

There is a huge itinerant population here….tourists and of course pickers.

Pickers for the tomatoes, oranges, melons and salad that they sow and harvest even in the month of December.

He says the rest of Spain call Almeria “Sol y Tomates” (Sun and Tomatoes)……because, according to them, that’s all there is here.

It’s an exaggeration of course, but nevertheless, Almeria seems to have a very temporary feel to it, and I think calling it home would be hard for me.

It’s great to visit, and I will continue to do so.

As for making it my home….I’m not so sure.

Oh yes……the tomatoes are great by the way.





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