Out & About

It is cooler today.
I sense that to broadcast this will bring a ripple of satisfaction to my readers who have for the last few months, huddled themselves around their central heating thermostats for some comfort and warmth.
That said, the braver amongst us here could  still sport a pair of long shorts.
Sandals wearers, with or without socks have been spotted on my early morning walk along the front.
Despite being my fourth long stay in southern Spain, I still find it strange to exist in a place where warm weather is the norm.
As a (much) younger woman, I studied in Madrid and Salamanca, and experienced the hell that is the heat of the Spanish summer.
But this heat is kind, gentle on my joints, and makes life feel good.
The light is bright too, piercing sometimes, and my sunglasses have become my best friend.
Using my mobile phone  demands creativity, with often a need to cower over it to glean any sort of reaction from the screen, which becomes almost mirror-like in the solar glare.
It makes a refreshing change not to see people walking along, heads bent peering senselessly into a black screen.
Lamp post collisions are virtually unknown here amongst the young as a result.

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