Sunday  provides many indulgences.
One of these, for me at least is the ability to lie on in bed, using the cold weather as en excuse.
For those of you who know me personally, I have a work area incorporated into our bedroom.
It has a desk, a wonderful light quality, plus a coffee making machine.
All great inducements to stay up on the top floor of my house and do my own thing.
My arthritis is an even better fall back, as there is a spiral staircase with no less than thirty six steps to get me to the ground floor, and this of late, has provided me with more than a bit of a challenge.
So, here I am, almost midday, writing away in bed, on my third cup of coffee.
I have no intention of budging any time soon, and am currently working on a plan to get my daughter Eve to bring both of us up a few slices of toast to prolong the stay up here for just a little longer.
Now, all I have to do is decide whether I would like jam, marmalade or Marmite…….

My writing space.
My writing space.

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