Food…… Glorious Food

One of the things we all love when on holiday is a good old nose around the shops, and of course France is right up there when it comes to anything to do with food.
Here the word artisan  is synonymous with food purveyors, and visits to emporiums like these rarely fail to delight.BOULANGERIE


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  1. nessafrance says:

    They are very good at displaying the food, too. I love these artisanal food shops and just wish I had more time to spend in them.

    1. So sad that in quieter places they have been overrun by the giant supermarkets – an all too sad case in our area.
      Still though, we have a delightful magasin “associative” in the next village – Run on a basis to pay the electric bill and one full time member of staff, it is a delight of locally produced foods,wines, and volunteers are coming out of the deep freeze too.
      Prices , even for organic fruit and veg are so reasonable too.

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